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The ‘new’ CAP is getting closer: EU agriculture ministers accepted the provisional agreement reached on 25 June with the European Parliament on the key elements of the reform, bringing the integration of the proposal into EU law a step closer.

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) accounts for about one third of the EU budget. Its objectives are to

provide EU citizens with safe food at affordable prices
guarantee a fair standard of living for farmers
protect natural resources and respect the environment
The new CAP strengthens environmental measures and also includes provisions to ensure more targeted support for small farms and to help young farmers enter the profession.

For the first time, EU agricultural legislation includes a social dimension, marking a historic advance in the way the CAP takes into account the conditions of farm workers. The new CAP includes a series of measures to encourage farmers to adopt more environmentally friendly farming practices. In addition, the reform package also includes measures to redistribute funds in favour of small and medium-sized farms.

Another key step is the transition from a compliance-centred CAP to an effectiveness-based CAP, which will give Member States the freedom to implement tailor-made interventions on the basis of strategic planning and specific shared objectives in line with their needs.

The next steps now involve an inter-institutional discussion on the remaining technical details of the reform proposal, after which it will be formally approved by both the European Parliament and the Council. The new CAP will cover the period 2023-2027. Member states will have until 31 December 2021 to submit their draft national strategy plans to the Commission for approval.

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