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The project was ambitious, but today ASSICA can claim to have fully met the challenge: "Trust Your Taste, Choose European Quality" closes its first 3 years of activity with an extraordinary balance, both in terms of numbers achieved and effectiveness. The main messages of "Trust Your Taste, Choose European Quality" were the safety of production systems, nutritional values, sustainability, animal welfare and the growing attention that operators in the sector are dedicating to these issues and,

ASSICA , on the occasion of the conclusion of its first European promotion campaign, invites you to a unique experience: an exclusive evening to know better traditional deli meats, part of the European food excellences, deeply linked not only to the economic but also to the social and cultural development of EU Member States, their regions and territories. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 5 March 2024 at 6.30 p.m. at MARTIN'S BRUSSELS EU Bd

After the interminable holiday lunches, who feels like cooking anymore? ASSICA (Associazione Industriali delle Carni e dei Salumi adhering to Confindustria) comes to your aid and presents on the portal www.trustyourtaste.eu and on the YouTube channel of the same name 8 new "passepartout" recipes with seasonal ingredients, immediately ready to put on the table, with an eye to practicality and one to flavour. Quick cooking, quick steps, daring combinations and a care for the aesthetic side of

New Appointment: 12 October - from 4 to 5 p.m. - in an important webinar entitled "Finance, Sustainability, Vision: the tools for the future of agrifood". Representatives of "Intesa San Paolo" will delve into the rich and exclusive cycle of meetings organised by ASSICA with the Credit Institute to support companies in the meat and charcuterie sector in understanding and optimally managing matters of decisive impact on company management.   During the webinar, the agri-food macroeconomic scenario will

On 15 June last, in the presence of important national representatives and experts from the agri-food, economic and health sectors, the well-participated and intense round table discussion was held "THE PROSPECTS OF THE CURED MEAT INDUSTRY, BETWEEN ECONOMIC CHANGES AND THE CHALLENGES OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT" organised by ASSICA (Association of Meat and Cured Meat Industries) as part of the Association's Annual Meeting and among the activities of the project 'Trust your taste, choose European quality' www.trustyourtaste.eu. They

The Assembly of ASSICA, the Industrial Association of Meat and Cured Meats, today unanimously elected Pietro D'Angeli as the new President. D'Angeli, who has been Vice-President for the last two years, takes over from Ruggero Lenti, who had held the position from 2021 to date. "I want to thank all the associates for the trust placed in me and I would like to emphasize that my mandate will be in continuity with the previous presidencies of