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Italians are increasingly attentive to PDO, PGI and sustainability

A research conducted by AstraRicerche, presented on Tuesday 25 May, photographed the vision of Italians regarding innovation in the food sector, with a projection with respect to the behaviour they will adopt in the near future.

Over the next five years, consumers intend to increase their consumption of vegetables (+ 54.0%), fruit (+ 51.5%) and 100% Italian products and with the CDO, CDOG, PDO brands. The belief prevails that even for the future the ideal food to be found on the table is linked to the culinary traditions of our country (47.2%, with higher percentages among the over 45s).

Environmental and social sustainability seems to be an important topic, so much so that more than 3 out of 4 declare themselves willing to spend more for a product with sustainability guarantees certified by authoritative bodies. In e-commerce, Italians put in the first place groups of local producers who get together and deliver what they produce (37.0%).